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Accuse "Saboteurs" The clamp down on government employees was part of the Communist campaign to crush "saboteurs" whom the Reds accuse of cutting factory production and slowing the badly needed harvest. The Communists have reported anti-Communist activities in industry and on farms which are slowing down production and the harvest. The Soviet newspaper Taegliche Rundschau said today that conditions ft the R. Matern had 15 workers arrested as "saboteurs" the newspaper said. The Communist leader told a workers meeting that the factory on Continued on Page 2, Col.

Some members of Congress are expected to look more favorably on military aid than economic assistance. Russell Opposes Sen. Richard B. Russell D-Ga , a powerful member of the Armed Services and Appropriations com-suttees, declared himself against any more outright appropriations. He also told a reporter he believes such aid will meet vigorous opposition in Congress. The three Hitler aides, long believed in the West to be dead, include Hitler's valet, H. Linge, who, the freed prisoners said, helped bum the Fuehrer's body after his suicide in the air raid bunker of Berlin's Reich chancellory.

The others were described as Flight Capt. Conditions Bad Again The generals held in the camp included several infantry division commanders and tank experts. The prisoners said conditions in tile Soviet prison camps improved considerably after the death of Stalin last March but worsened again after the June 17 anti-Com-munist rebellion in East Germany.

These were reports from some of the prisoners, including 18 women and 8 children, who arrived at this West German transit camp last night. The Russians announced that the release of the prisoners, all sentenced for alleged minor war crimes, followed an agreement reached at Moscow last August between the Kremlin and a Soviet zone government delegation. But women prisoners said they were brought to a repatriation camp at Krasnopol June In , Russia claimed in a Tass announcement that only 13, German soldiers were still held in Soviet prison camps and that all had been convicted of war crimes.

But they added that even if a "recession" should come, most wage-earners, and business in general, probably would not feel it In a series of separate interviews, these men listed a number of factors pointing toward a continued healthy economy. They also cited several trouble spots and drew the general conclusion that the good outweighed the bad.

The economists interviewed represented a cross-section of the government, including the Commerce, Treasury and Apiculture departments. Opinions also were sought from bankers, attending 'the American. Bankers Assn. Ile Good Things are the good things they man government claims Higley said today segregation will be eliminated as soon as possible in VA hospitals in accordance with President Eisenhower's declaration against the color bar in federal establishments.

At the same time, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People accused Higley of taking an "unsound and unscientific" approach toward the problem of ending segregation among psychiatric patients in the hospitals. Joel T. Bone, chief VA medical director, to discuss the sgency's reorganization program. The segregation problem was certain to be taken up. Higley told a reporter that "elimination of segregation in VA hospitals is a must. However, the timing must be dictated by some common sense. Income, spending, production sales and employment are either at, or near, the highest levels ever reached.

While consumer credit is at a record peak, the economists feel Americans are earning enough to justify it. Several basic industries, already among the most healthy, show sighs of improving still further. They include oil, textiles, paper and power. Defense spending cuts now planned will not have a serious effect on them or, indeed, on most industries. There are several "built in" factors in the economy which should insure relative prosperity. The Eisenhower administration, with its political life steked on continued prosperity, will use all possible government resources to stave off any serious recession.

A number of programs already have been prepared for emergency use, including public works projects. Bad Factors Factors which might work against good times: I. Some weaknesses have appeared in such industries as automobiles, steel, farming, farm machin- Continued on Page 2, Col.

He was still recuperating from his February heart attack when the, respiratory ailment struck. The physicians reported the pneumonia condition la largely cleared up but the strain of the illness might leave him weak. Leas Critical Though he is still on the critical list, the doctors said they consider his condition "less critical" than yesterday.

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His temperature has been normal all day and his heart rhythm, which had been Irregular, has become steady again. About half an hour before the advisory was issued he asked attendants to give him a soft drink and was able to finish about half of it. The physicians have felt able Continued on Page 2, Cd. Yoshida leads Liberals in the man House of Representatives and Shigemitsu controls 76 Progressives—more than enough for a solid majority.

May Stabilise The agreement was doubly significant for it may eventually lead to a coalition of the two parties and stabilize stormy Japanese politics. Harry F. A preliminary report from the Defense Department gave a figure of , for the number of foreign nationals employed abroad during one month his summer.

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These are outside the U. Harrison County, Kentucky business data: stores, dealers, real estate agents, wholesalers, restaurants. Schuler Bauer is the largest independent real estate firm in the Louisville metro area and the top company in Southern Indiana. Search profiles, find top attorneys and free general information, compare lawyers, law firms on Lawyer Legion. Jessamine County, KY. While the Grant County Sheriff's Office has made every effort to provide accurate and complete information, various data such as names, addresses, etc.

Find Harrison County, Texas birth, death, marriage and divorce records and contact your local vital record office to obtain a copy of the record you desire. Harrison County is a small county in the North Central region of Kentucky. We are pleased you have taken the time to visit. Robertson County was officially established as the th county in Kentucky.

Listed below are Highlands real estate listings. Payment Methods Accepted: Check. In October, , the first lot sold in Jessamine County. A few counties provide online access to recorded documents.

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If you would like more information on any of these Harrison County homes for sale, just click the "Request More Information" or "Schedule a Showing" button located on any listing details page. Harrison House Apartments. Assessors appraise values of all land and commercial property real property , and business' fixed asset personal property. My utility easement is part of my property.

McCracken County, Kentucky

Home to about , residents, Jefferson County is one of the most populated counties in the state of Kentucky. Ohio County was formed in and is located in Western Coal Field region of the state. Last name first. Welcome to Whalen and Company.

Mccracken county birth records 1953
Mccracken county birth records 1953
Mccracken county birth records 1953
Mccracken county birth records 1953
Mccracken county birth records 1953
Mccracken county birth records 1953
Mccracken county birth records 1953

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