How to find a stolen vehicle

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So, what are possible next steps when your vehicle is stolen? Kahu for Your Dealership As a car owner yourself, you can relate to this scenario. Want to see Kahu in action? Contact us today for a free demo. Contact Us. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. All Rights Reserved. I see that you recovered your vehicle. It sounded like you had the help of the "community.

Victim who used Facebook to track down stolen car receives £150 bill from police

People see something going on, they take action. At least they call the cops and are good wits.

MOM's JEEP FOUND in River while Searching for Stolen Cars!

Further, they help out where they can. From the messages you left it sounded like some one who knew about the theft saw the car and let everyone know. That is outstanding. The city has millions of people but only thousands of cops. People don't realize how important they can be The police like it when communities act like ours did a few weeks back. People looking out for one another is probably the best way to stop crime, and it sure as hell helped me.

So, involve the cops, keep them updated, but you need to be your own detective. The reason I got my car back was because I made a big deal about it. I talked about it every chance I could, and, even more importantly, threw as many pictures of it online as possible. I really, really wanted it back, and so I didn't shut my big yapper about it. You should do the same. Get the word and pictures out about your car everywhere you can — car forums, local neighborhood websites, Craigslist, everywhere.

Send your pleas to me, as well! I feel like I owe a karmic debt to the general car-community for all their help, so I'll try and get stolen car notices on Jalopnik as much as I can. We probably can't do every one ever, but I'll do my best. The key here is to get as many people in the area where your car may be thinking about your car at least somewhere back in their brains, so if that car gets spotted, something is triggered and they'll be able to let you know.

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So they need to know what it is and what it looks like. Take pictures. In fact, go take lots of pictures of your car right now, just in case. Well, wash it first. Make sure you have an easy path for people to get ahold of you as well — email, phone, whatever. You may end up giving up some of your normal privacy levels in this process I posted my phone number in the comments, like a desperate madman but it could be the difference between someone getting ahold of you or not.

Get as many real eyes on the roads looking for your car as you can. In theory, the cops will be looking, but more often than not they're going to have much bigger, tastier fish to fry. You need a small army of eyeballs roaming the streets looking for your car. So, find the people who roam the streets.

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  • Together, they cited information from 23 references. Categories: Vehicle Theft. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Learn more When you realize your car is gone, check to see that it hasn't been towed. If necessary, contact towing companies in your area and ask if your car was towed.

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    It is easy to forget where you parked, and you want to make sure the car has been stolen before taking next steps. Gather identifying information about the car. Sit down and write out the following information, which the police will need to find your vehicle: [4] Year, make and model. Car color. License plate number. Ask for the license plate number. Vehicle identification number VIN. Your VIN should appear on your car title.

    However, you probably left it in your car.

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    7. Not So Fast, Car Thieves;

    Call your insurer to ask for the VIN. Call the police. The police will probably have better luck finding the car than you will, so call them as soon as possible. Tell them you want to file a stolen vehicle report and provide the necessary information. You will need them. Ask if the police report can be mailed to you. If not, take public transportation to the police station or ask a friend to drive you.

    Report to your insurance company. Within 24 hours, you should report the stolen car to your insurance company. Provide your insurer with the following information: [8] date and time of theft where your car was located where the keys were located names of anyone with access to the vehicle detailed description of the car description of personal items in the car police report number contact information for the financing company if your car is financed. Check security footage. Many businesses now have security cameras recording their parking lots. Also, your community might have installed cameras that record streets, schools, and other government buildings.

    Stop into your town office or city hall and ask about checking security footage. Have a copy of your police report with you. Tell them the day and time you think the car was stolen.

    How to find a stolen vehicle
    How to find a stolen vehicle
    How to find a stolen vehicle
    How to find a stolen vehicle
    How to find a stolen vehicle
    How to find a stolen vehicle
    How to find a stolen vehicle

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