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Parr, September 7, — July 18, Frank J. Parr was born in Howells, Nebraska in His early jobs were working in a railroad "gang" and selling cream separators from town-to-town. Parr served in the Army Field Artillery. He came to Long Beach in and in , opened a building and loan company with Ray K. Parr sold the business in but remained in the investment business for the rest of his life. Parr was on the Board of Harbor Commissioners, a Japanese submarine surfaced near Santa Barbara and fired at an oil field.

This alerted the Office of Civilian Defense in Washington and to be sure Long Beach would be ready in case of attack, they sent helmets and gas masks for air raid wardens.

The Long Beach Defense Council subsequently created a blood bank and rationing board and a civilian air-watch organization was set up by the widow of Long Beach aviation pioneer Earl Dougherty. During the War years, the port of Long Beach area was a center for defense production and Navy ships. Parr died in Martin, September 7, — December 14, W. His father was a driller and by the time Frosty was eight, he had a pumping job on stripper wells behind his home.

When he was twenty, Mr. Martin was a full-fledged driller and owned a string of oil well drilling tools. He traveled extensively for his work becoming a pioneer in the development of oil in Canada. Martin came to Long Beach in and established the Martin-Loomis Company that later became the Martin-Decker Corporation, manufacturer of oil well instruments.

An aviation enthusiast, Mr. Martin owned his own plane and was chairman of the Long Beach Aviation Commission in the s, president of Aircraft Associates, a member of the Aviation Breakfast Club of Southern California and was largely responsible for bringing the Douglas Aircraft plant to Long Beach.

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He was vice president and director of the Pacific Coast Association of Port Authorities, a director of the American Association of Port Authorities, the Long Beach People's Bank and Nomads, a prominent organization of oil-industry people who traveled abroad for business. Martin was instrumental in the development of the Navy Base on Terminal Island and a prime mover in Long Beach's fight to retain ownership of its offshore tidelands. He was well-known in the oil industry for his inventiveness in the tool design field and by the time he retired, he owned 44 patents for tool manufacturing.

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Martin died in He attended the University of Athens and Georgia Tech. By the time he was seventeen, Mr. Rochester was a full-fledged journalist and owner of two newspapers, making him the youngest editor in the South. He came west and worked for several newspapers including the San Francisco Call Bulletin. Rochester was a survivor of the great quake of Rochester died in General James J. He then studied law at Georgetown University, was admitted to the bar and permitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court. His military career began in as an enlisted man. He was twice cited for heroism and three times for service in the field against the enemy.

General Meade started the Marine Corps Communication Service and commanded the First Marine Brigade of the Fleet Marine Force at Quantico — one of the principal combat organizations of the Marine Corps and a pioneer organization in the field of combat. General Meade died in In the early s, Mr. Walker married, moved to Long Beach and established M.

Walker's post-war years of service, the harbor teemed with naval vessels of every description and Long Beach and the Harbor Commission confronted a new problem - smog and the Collier-Burns Act that authorized construction of freeways benefiting the suburbs rather than the city. Another problem was a Supreme Court ruling stating that California didn't own its offshore lands, the federal government controlled them. Because Eisenhower promised to return ownership of adjacent undersea lands to the states, Long Beach voters stood with him in the election.

Grabbing headlines in and was Howard Hughes and his huge plane that became known as the "Spruce Goose. Walker was a member of the Mumblers — the group that started the Pacific Club. Maurice W. Daubney, August 18, — July 1, Maurice W. Daubney was born in Frankville, Iowa in During the years he was associated with the Port, Daubney was a staunch defender of tidelands rights and a proponent of making the city of Long Beach a center of world trade.

Daubney died in Raymond D. Elliot, July 19, — December 13, Raymond D. Elliot was born in Ohio in He served on the Harbor Commission during post-war years that saw growth in population and new residential areas near downtown Long Beach. Problems related to subsidence detected years before and ignored during the war had become serious and there was extensive flooding that severely damaged the harbor. The Navy filed suit for damages to the Navy Base and Shipyard and considered pulling out altogether; however, the advent of the Korean War caused the Navy to keep the facilities open.

In , Pier E was completed adding 36 acres to the outer harbor. Elliot died in Emmet M. Sullivan, July 19, — June 27, Emmet M. Sullivan was born in California in and lived in Long Beach for more than 60 years.

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He was a graduate of Poly High School and the University of California at Berkeley; his business was real estate and property management. Sullivan was on the Board of Harbor Commissioners during years of tremendous surge in the population of Long Beach.

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Although drilling for oil was one of the major causes of subsidence, oil profits were bringing in millions of dollars for harbor development. Sullivan was chairman of the legislative committee of the Long Beach City Council and a member of the harbor, oil, industry, finance and salary committees. Sullivan died in John P. Davis, January 10, — July 1, John P. Davis was born in in Oregon. Brought to Long Beach when he was a child, Mr. Davis eventually succeeded his father as president of the Davis Furniture Company and was area director for the National Retail Furniture Association.

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Davis was an organizer and early president of the International Association of Ports and Harbors, a president of the Chamber of Commerce, board member of Memorial and St. Davis died in Francis D. In , his father purchased property at the foot of Golden Avenue and Francis would ride on the back of his father's bicycle for the three-hour trip on rutted dirt roads from Los Angeles to Long Beach. The family finally moved to Long Beach in While his father developed Tent City on the beach, Francis sold soft-shell crabs to fishermen on the old Pine Avenue Pier. In , he graduated from Poly High as a letterman, went on to Occidental College and the University of Michigan where he majored in business administration.

Reider obtained his real estate license and with his family, successfully bought, sold, and traded properties, designed, built, and furnished apartment buildings. A world-traveler, Mr.

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Reider visited at least countries in his lifetime. June 3, was proclaimed Francis D. Reider Day in Long Beach. Reider died at the age of 99 in Joseph F. Bishop, June 28, — July 1, Joseph F. Bishop was born in in Davenport, Iowa. He became a resident of Long Beach in and was treasurer and controller of Walker's Department Store until his retirement in Bishop died in Ridings, Jr. He grew up in Wichita and attended the Municipal University of Wichita. His father moved the family to Long Beach in and opened a Cadillac dealership. Bud Ridings served in the Air Force overseas. He was discharged in and took over the operation of Ridings Cadillac, making him the youngest Cadillac dealer ever appointed by General Motors.

Ridings owned and operated the dealership until when he sold the business to Mike Salta. Ridings is credited with having had a major role in conceiving the idea of bringing the Queen Mary to Long Beach.

In , the Exchange Club named him Outstanding Citizen of the Year and the auto industry gave him the Benjamin Franklin Award as one of the country's outstanding auto dealers.

marriage records long beach california 1961 Marriage records long beach california 1961
marriage records long beach california 1961 Marriage records long beach california 1961
marriage records long beach california 1961 Marriage records long beach california 1961
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marriage records long beach california 1961 Marriage records long beach california 1961
Marriage records long beach california 1961

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