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Uploading your songs not only allows music lovers to listen to your creations, but also lets them add your song so it will play on their profiles. If you are HTML savvy, you can compile your own style sheets to customize it. If not, do some research on the Web. Go to your favorite search engine and type in MySpace layouts or MySpace backgrounds , and you will find plenty of information and many free template layouts.

Using these premade layouts is often the best way to compose your page. You simply copy and paste the code into your profile and tweak it a little if necessary. Generally, you will be using Cascading Style Sheets and pasting the code into a field for example, the Bio field within your profile.

Interests & Personality

Keep background colors and foreground font colors compatible. The fastest way to make visitors leave your page is to force them to read dark blue type on a black background. Tie in the look of your profile with your image as an artist and with your Web site. Make it reflect the type of music you play. MySpace allows you to have one main photo on your profile's main page, and up to four CD cover images or other photos in the music player. You can upload additional photos, but they can only be viewed by other MySpace members after they click on the View My Pics link, at the left-hand top of the page.

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If you want to embed additional photos onto your main page, you can use a free hosting service like Imageshack. Keep image file sizes small — no more than about to pixels wide for photos appearing on your profile, and less than 50K for background file sizes. Oversize images can cause visitors' browsers to crash. Showcasing your videos on your profile is a great way to build an audiovisual connection with your audience.

Click on the Videos link in the light-blue navigation bar, and it will show you how to load your videos and insert them into your profile. If you don't have a professionally shot video, consider uploading clips from your live shows or your studio sessions. Discover further ways to customize your profile by searching for phrases like MySpace comment box, MySpace contact tables, MySpace online now icons , and customize MySpace profile.

You will notice a section for Friends, and when you sign up, you will have an automatic Friend named Tom, who is one of the MySpace founders. Some of your real-life friends, family members, and people on your band's email list may already be MySpace members. Search for them on the site by their email address, and when you find them, you can send them a Friend Request. If they approve your request, their picture will appear at the bottom right of your profile.

The way you build an audience on MySpace is to add Friends.

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  7. As you surf around and see user profiles of people you like or of people that look as though they might like your music, you can send them a Friend Request. When someone adds you to their Friend list, place a comment on their page thanking them and inviting them to check back often for new songs, gigs, and pictures.

    How to Use the MySpace Profile Edit Page

    By placing a comment on other profiles, you are subtly inviting anyone that sees it to visit your profile as well. Doing so is a great way to expand your visibility. You can let everyone on your Friend list know about gigs, new releases, radio airplay, and so on, by posting a bulletin.

    Using MySpace : How to Add Music to Your MySpace Profile

    Your message will go into the bulletin section on your Friends' Home control panels. It's a lot like an email blast.

    Guide to Technology

    Be respectful, though; posting obsessively every day for two weeks about an upcoming gig is a turnoff. Not sure what to post? Ask people to listen to your new songs, invite them to post a comment picking their favorite song of yours, and ask them to add that song to their profile. Look at profiles of other artists in your genre. See who is on their Friend lists.

    Then send those people Friend Requests or emails to introduce yourself and invite them to hear your music. A sincere, pleasant email goes a long way toward building bridges and an audience. I'd like to invite you to take a look at my profile. But as the most popular of the bunch by far, with over million active users at its peak, MySpace was the standard-bearer, and the one that left the biggest legacy behind. This left the remaining team with a site written in Perl, which nobody else at the company was familiar with.

    Suddenly teenage girls could decorate their MySpace page with hearts and glitter and smiley faces the same way that they were decorating their lockers and book bags. This mistake created security vulnerabilities and crippled page load speeds. But the accidental feature set was an immediate hit with users.

    The rest is history. The MySpace profile editor was freeform enough to allow inline style attributes, tables, embedded widgets built in Flash or JavaScript, and just about anything else that could be expressed in HTML. Taking advantage of this freedom was only possible with either a rudimentary understanding of HTML and CSS, or access to code snippets that could be blindly copied and pasted.

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    The overwhelming hunger for customization among the userbase spawned an entire sub-economy of layout sellers, tutorial pages, and ad-heavy websites that provided code snippets. This was a legitimate income stream for many users who already had a bit of coding knowledge. For example, PatrickJS, a Y Combinator-backed founder who we previously profiled , told me his first experience as an entrepreneur was creating and selling MySpace layouts. Many of these layout specialists did more than just create bespoke layouts for a fee—they sought to teach the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, empowering anyone who visited their profile to create and edit layouts themselves.

    They might seem like silly relics of a slightly embarrassing fad now, but these pages were valuable educational resources for a population that may not have had access to such an education otherwise. Computer Science education was not as prevalent at the high school level as it is today, and Codecademy was years away from being founded.

    These pages were likely the most widely-accessible coding tutorials available to the general public at the time.

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    How do I add MySpace background codes to my profile? - Ask Dave Taylor

    Around the same time of the Times profile, Facebook began to emerge as a legitimate MySpace competitor. Its profile pages were and still are the polar opposite of MySpace—almost sterile in comparison. Facebook also attracted a different demographic than MySpace, thanks in large part to its early policy of requiring a college email address to create an account. This combination of factors led to a platform that was seen as safer by advertisers, with a slightly older userbase that had more money to spend. You know how the rest of the story goes.

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