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If you cannot find who you are looking for through social media searches then you can try some websites that will search social media sites for you. Sites that can do this are wink. To greatly simplify your search, a modern and convenient method is to begin to search for the person on Google. It is advisable to continue and try several different Google searches before you resort to purchasing any information. Yet another great option for finding people is to use the Australia white pages.

Millions of different residential and business listings are available on the Australia White Pages.

Most browsers come with JavaScript already enabled, however if for some reason JavaScript is disabled in your browser you can enable it by changing your browser settings. For instructions on how to do this, visit your browser's website and search for the term "enable JavaScript". Listen to this page. Unexpectedly losing contact with a family member or friend who is travelling overseas can be very distressing. This information is designed to provide information about the process to follow if you're concerned about the welfare of a family member or friend overseas or need to get in contact with them urgently.

When Australians travel abroad, they leave behind Australia's support systems, emergency service capabilities and medical facilities. The Australian Government will do what it can to help families and friends to contact their loved ones. However, we can only provide this assistance where there is a well-founded concern. There are also legal and practical limits to what can be done and you should have realistic expectations about this.

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If you become concerned about a person's welfare overseas, there are some initial steps you can take. If, after making initial enquiries, you're still unable to locate your loved one or friend and have serious concerns for their safety or welfare, contact your local police station. You can submit a missing persons report at your local state or territory police station.

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Depending on the information you provide, your local police will determine if it's necessary to lodge a missing persons report with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade DFAT in Canberra. For the police to prepare a report, you'll need to provide the following in relation to the missing person:.

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DFAT will only pursue enquiries that are based on a serious concern for the welfare of an Australian overseas and a belief that the person concerned needs consular assistance. If we assess that the missing person overseas needs consular assistance, we will:.

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Privacy provisions operating in foreign countries can severely restrict the information provided to consular staff overseas by local law enforcement agencies. If your missing loved one contacts you after you have commenced formal enquiries, please inform DFAT and the local police immediately. We may collect, use and disclose personal information, including to overseas recipients where we reasonably believe it is necessary, to provide consular assistance. Important information about the privacy of personal information is contained in our Consular privacy collection statement.

Unless consular officials receive the person's consent, they are unable to disclose personal information about them, even to their family or friends, unless this is required by the police, Australian law or a judgment is made that the life or health of the person or another person is being threatened. Family members should be aware that if a missing person is located by a consular official and they have exercised their free choice to disassociate themselves from friends and family for legitimate reasons, including removing themselves from harmful environments, the consular official cannot pass on personal information.

Depending on the circumstances, there are several other organisations that may be able to help you search for a missing person overseas. The centre works with state and territory police services and government and non-government organisations to provide a coordinated approach to locating missing people in Australia and overseas. The centre's role is to facilitate the dissemination and distribution of information to the public via the NMPCC website.

Only cases of missing persons that have a signed authority from the next of kin for the use of images and information are provided by state and territory police to the NMPCC. The service is free of charge, confidential and available to anyone in Australia. The national hotline is available during business hours Monday to Friday on free call from all Australian landlines.

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The International Social Service traces immediate family members in conjunction with its social work across countries. It requests a contribution towards costs for this work. The Australian Government will do what it can to help Australians in difficulty overseas, but there are limits to what can be done. DFAT provides assistance to Australians who find themselves in trouble overseas. This support is referred to as consular assistance; however, there are legal and practical limits to what can be done to assist travellers in other countries.

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how do i find someone au How do i find someone au
how do i find someone au How do i find someone au
how do i find someone au How do i find someone au
how do i find someone au How do i find someone au
how do i find someone au How do i find someone au

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